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Lee Murray

Lead Pastor 

Lee grew up in Northern Ireland, and became a Christian at the age of 18.  He is married to Cathra and they have four children, Josh, Grace, Sophia and Éva.

After a number of years working as an Intensive Care Nurse, Lee's passion for mission, and helping people find life in Jesus, led him to commence work as a Youth Pastor in 2008.  Since then, Lee has completed an Advanced Diploma of Theology at Youthworks College, and his Bachelor of Divinity at Moore Theological College. 

In 2013 Lee and Cathra were assessed by Geneva Push Church Planting Network, and in 2015 they planted Establish Church with a small team and a big vision to see 100's of people establish the life they were made for in Jesus, and see a church community that is passionate about planting churches.  

Lee loves spending time with his family, playing football, drinking coffee and catching the occasional wave.

Contact: lee@establishchurch.com

Ministry Team

At Establish Church we want to make sure we grow a healthy church across various areas of the Christian life.  Because of that we structure around 5 main areas with leaders who have responsibility for that purpose.  


James Ayre 

Maturity Pastor

James grew up in the Sutherland Shire and became a Christian at the age of 17. After completing a degree Communications and Media at university, James joined the Establish staff team in 2015.

James is currently studying at Sydney Missionary Bible College while overseeing our Gospel Communities and seeing people mature in their faith and fall more in love with Jesus. 

James loves reading (anything political or history related), catching up with friends and kicking back to a good podcast

Contact : james@establishchurch.com

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Tim Foskett

Magnification Pastor

Tim became a Christian in his early 20's after a long walk one night thinking about the purpose of life. Tim studied high school education at university, before completing a theological degree at Sydney Missionary Bible College. Since finishing his studies Tim has been working in ministry and joined the Establish team in 2017 where he oversees our Sunday gatherings, worship teams and seeks to see people worship and glorify God in all of life.

Tim is a gifted musician and can be found jamming out on his guitar before our Sunday gatherings. Tim also loves to read, listen to music and catch up with people over a batch-brew

Contact: tim@establishchurch.com

keely Oste 

Mission Leader

Keely has been apart of Establish since the early days. Keely studies and works in Social Work. Keely did a 1 year internship at Establish Church and since finishing has worked towards building and championing a missional culture. 

Keely is gifted at sharing the gospel with people, she loves cooking, reading, surfing and spending time with her husband Luke. 

Contact: keely@establischurch.com

Rachel Farag


Rachel was one of the early members of Establish Church. Starting in 2017, Rachel has been an intern at Establish where she has sought to help build a strong culture of authentic community as well overseeing communications and design (if you see one of our graphics on social media, chances are Rachel designed it). Rachel has a heart for indigenous ministry and has spend time in Northern NSW working alongside indigenous groups. 

Rachel is a gifted artist who loves spending time behind a pottery wheel, long chats and spending time with friends.

Contact: rach@establishchurch.com

Megan blight


Ministry Apprentice (MTS) 

Meg joined Establish church at the beginning of 2016 when she moved out of home and to Cronulla. She is a primary teacher by trade, but decided to jump into an MTS (Ministry Training Strategy) apprenticeship at the beginning of 2017, with a focus on magnification and mission in our church. Meg leads our Establish kids team and is on about seeing kids and families won for Jesus. She loves coffee, oils, bunnies, beach days, and riding her bike everywhere. 

Contact: meg@establishchurch.com