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We are all in search of a leader. People to look up to, people to model ourselves on. People who have brought success in a particular area of life where we want to grow in. It does not matter if its on the football pitch, in the classroom or on the building site. 

The problem is, our leaders often let us down. They can only get us so far, and often leave us searching for more. 

In this eight week series through 1 Samuel we will explore the search for Israel’s leader.  That points us to the ultimate leader, Jesus, who if we follow, will never let us down and never leave us searching for more.  He will transform our entire lives, and lead us beyond this life, into the next.    

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The World We All Want!

What kind of world would you want to live in?  In some ways we would want different things according to our preference.  But, most of us would want a world where there is no more dying, crying or pain.  One where ISIS does not exist, or even the Australian Army for that matter.  In the Bible God promises us a world that we would all want.  Its a story of how he promises us such a world and fulfils his promises.  The World We All Want is a 7 week Bible overview series for people who do not know much about the Bible.  In it we will explore this promise of God and what it might mean for us.  

Living with anxiety by Grace

Anxiety is one of the growing concerns of our nation.  We are anxious about our future security, our identity, our jobs and if we can get onto the housing market.  Where this is a growing psychological issue in our world, the Bible seems to suggest it is also a Spiritual one.  In this mini series we explore what the Bible has to say about anxiety and look at some ways in which we can learn to deal with Anxiety about our identity, failure and the future and how we can do that by grace.


Power, money, sex and relationships are awesome things that we have been given by God to be used to serve others and shine a massive light on who he is.  Their design was to be awesome magnifiers of God's glory, but because of our inward inclined hearts we use them to pursue our glory and our desire rather than God's.  


Two weeks exploring the short book of Haggai.

Faith Works

When many of us think of Christianity we think of the word, “faith”. But when we think about faith, we see it like our church buildings - “a nice idea, but irrelevant and unnecessary”.

The book of James shows us something different, it shows us that Faith Works. It works in the dirt and mess of everyday life. It works in trial, leads us to action, impacts our speech, how we treat others, and respond to God. 

Easter 2016

Freedom is something that we all long for; financial freedom, sexual freedom, freedom from work, freedom from responsibility, freedom from, well, whatever.  However, many of us in our pursuit of freedom don't find what we are looking for, or are left disappointed.  These two sermons explore what real freedom is and how we can find it in Jesus who gave up his freedom for us.  The freedom that he offers is truly liberating, a freedom to die and a freedom to live.  

The Life You Were Made For 

All of us get to various points in our lives where we ask the question; "why are we here?".  Questions of purpose and meaning have been on the lips of humanity from the beginning and throughout the ages we have come up with many different answers.  But are the things that we build our life, meaning and purpose really the life we were made for?  Do the things that we live for really give us meaning, satisfaction and purpose?  Or is there more to this life we were made for?  This series explores five things that the Bible suggests we are all made for.  Come and engage with us over these next 5 weeks at 4pm on Sundays at 43 Kingsway Cronulla. 

Summer Series 2016

Summer Series 2016

Last year we asked people if they had the chance to ask God one question, what would it be?  These are the questions we received.