KGDM (map)

Establish Church is hosting a 5 week course centred around Jesus, the Bible and life in general. 

This is a no judgment space for the sceptic or those seeking answers to Christianity, Jesus and some of those bigger life questions!

In a casual setting around nibbles and tea you get a chance to hear a short talk, explore the claims of Jesus, and ask questions about the life we were made for. 

Week 1 (8/2) // What is the life we were made for? 
Week 2 (15/2) // Can I trust the Bible to show me life?
Week 3 (22/2) // What's gone wrong with the world?
Week 4 (1/3) // Why do we need forgiveness anyway?
Week 5 (8/3) // What does this mean for me? 

For more information contact Meg at: or 0403 643 928