Establish Connection


We believe that Christianity is not about stain glassed windows but relationship with Jesus. Our gatherings celebrate that fact. It is a time where we connect with Jesus and each other as we celebrate his story in our world and in our lives. Our whole lives should celebrate this, but we believe that Christians gathering together regularly is essential to living the life we were made for.  

Each week we expect to connect with you, no matter where you are in your journey with Jesus. Because of this our gatherings are relaxed and accessible, tackling the big questions in life through the Bible as we hear how it relates to our world, and more importantly our lives.

What do our gatherings look like?

On a normal week we sing a couple of songs at the start that celebrate the story of Jesus in our world. We celebrate what God has been doing in the life of our church and have time to engage with each other a little. Then we send our kids out to Establish Kids, read the Bible and have a sermon, which is teaching from the Bible in a way that seeks to connect with our lives. After that we sing a couple of songs again.  

After our gathering is also an important part of our time together as we connect with each other over some healthy food and share our stories, meet new people, and have good times sharing our lives together.

When do we gather?

Services meet every Sunday 4 - 6pm, (P.S. We also have food together afterwards)