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Beyond the Sunday

Gospel Communities

We believe that church is more than a Sunday. That the life we were made for was to live out the gospel together in community around Jesus. Our Gospel Communities are how we do this and they are the heart of our life together. This is where you truly belong. This is where you will be loved and cared for, and, this is where you will grow together as you share lives and explore what the Bible has to say about our lives where the rubber hits the road.

What does this look like?


At Establish we have THREE core values that work as a foundation of our Gospel Communities and something our leaders should strive to uphold. These are…


1.           Christ Centered

Everything we do at Establish Church is centered around Jesus Christ. Christianity is not about stain glassed windows and rules, it's about a person - Jesus.  We believe that being Christ Centered means that we are to be Bible Centered, Spirit Filled, prayerfully dependent and mission driven.  


·       Bible centered:

God shows us who Jesus is and what he did for us in the Bible.  So we are on about the Bible and live to follow Jesus’ words.   


·       Spirit Filled:

We can only really do this because God gives Christians his Spirit to shine a light on who Jesus is, make us more like Him, and equip us to live for Jesus everyday.  



·       Prayerfully dependent:

We are prayerfully dependent because, God longs to have relationship with us, and gives us prayer as a way of talking to Him. He actually invites us to talk to him and rely on him for all things, as he gives us everything; even the breath in our lungs.  


·       Mission Driven:

We believe the Christian life should be one that is passionate about the things that Jesus was passionate about. That was, that people found life in Him. We are driven by this mission too and are shaped by a desire to see 100’s of people find life in Him.  


2.  Grace Filled
Christians are not perfect plastic people.  We know we are not there yet, and that real community can be hard.  So, we need to be a community of people who are grace filled.  As a dynamic and growing community, we need to be slow to judge, quick to forgive, and inclusive. A community that is shaped by love and filled by the grace that God showed us in Jesus at the cross.    


3.          Authentic

We all long for people to be real with us.  We crave connection with people that is authentic, and community that is more than skin deep.  We believe that community around Jesus, should be that kind of community.  For us to be an authentic community, includes being a diverse community.  We love the fact that God has made us all different.  As an authentic community, we long to see people being themselves, whatever way they have been wired for God’s glory.  

Weekly Rhythms


·       Social (Eating)


·       Sharing (Gospel-ing)


·       Study (Study the Scriptures)


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